Software Sanyo Reset on Device EV2300-New-2013

Software Sanyo Reset on Device EV2300-New-2013
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Manufacturer: Ok Computer Plus

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Ok Computer Plus With the TRAM ( at the top make it hard! There are lots INITIATIVE ) Ok Computer Plus HAS THE incapable, SUCCESS CAN!
And now we have completed the software reset SANYO BQ80201-BQ8024-BQ8011-BQ8030-BQ8030A-BQ8050-BQ8055-M37512-R2J240 .
expensive to the point of perfection.
package. Users can, read and write ROM.prd and FLASH.dat ROM-FLASH.bin, stored programs *. srec, edit arbitrary trademark date of unlocking is simply a click of the mouse. read Comfort fast speed 10 times with genuine sanyo tools. Withdrawal time associated reset significantly PCB.
device software running on EV2300 supports WinXP, Win7 32bit registry software on a computer using the software included 03 SOFTWARE TYPE * SUPPORT SANYO BQ80201-BQ8024-BQ8011-BQ8030-BQ8050 BQ8055 M37512 R2J240 FLEXIBLE FLAT RATES: 25,000,000 VND * SOFTWARE SUPPORTSANYO BQ80201-BQ8024-BQ8011-BQ8030-BQ8050 BQ8055 FLEXIBLE FLAT PRICE: 15,000,000 VND * SOFTWARE M37512 ASSISTANCE R2J240 SANYO

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